Friday, 5 August 2011

The kitties have names

Last time I showed photos of the kittens, they didn't have any names yet. Well, not too long ago we managed to name them at last. As usual we rarely use traditional cat names and we also tend to name one cat after others before them. Sometimes there's also a theme when naming a litter. I'm saying that to prepare you for the slightly unorthodox names.

Jisse is named after Isse (Svartis), who died about a year ago. He's very active and full of energy. Especially early in the mornings when he likes to attack my feet, scratch my legs and just generally run up and down on me while I'm trying to sleep.

Jinja is the only girl. She's named after Jin-Jin (Jindy) and her mother, Ninjis (Ninja). She's a little more careful than Jisse and the smallest of the three. She likes to sleep really close to you in bed -- and now she's old enough to do that without me being afraid of crushing her in my sleep...

Julle is named after a cat we had many years ago, Mulle. He had long hair and of the three, Julle is the one with the fuzziest fur. Julle is actually a real human name or at least nickname in Sweden. He was the one to open his eyes the last and that probably contributed to the fact that he's the shy and hesitant one as he spent more time not seeing what happened around him.  He's got a white tip on his tail to go with the spot on his nose.

As you see they all got names beginning with a j. Jinja because she's named after Jin-Jin and then it was used as an abbreviation of junior in the other two names. It was either j as in junior or m as in mini, both used by us when naming a cat after one that's passed away.


  1. I am horribly allergic to cats, but that is not stopping me from admiring these beauties! And I love the black and white (that is the sort of cat I would want) and the names are sweet! I don't think that is weird at all. I like the sound of them too (if i am saying them right). Sweet! Enjoy the day!

  2. I'm glad to hear the names sounds nice. (My sis has a rep for coming up with odd names, she gave me a nickname as a kid that almost everyone hates when they hear it. Except me). Not that I really care if someone doesn't like the names, it's just that I'm used to people thinking we give our kitties strange names every now and then. *lol*

  3. Hi from JS at CL - love those kitties!!!


  4. Thanks, says the proud owner. Oh, they're cute and mischievous, all right -- and all that cuteness means they can get away with a lot of things...

  5. OMG Jisse was a cute kitten last summer. Now he is your assistant when taking photos. They all look so sweet here. And still do.


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