Thursday, 25 August 2011

My bead soup -- the unabridged version

I promised a longer post on the yummy soup I received form Sue of Hello Gorgeous and here it is. I got caught up baking with my sis today (including our favourite, a unbelievably gorgeous peanut butter and cocoa kladdkaka), but better late than never.

Earlier this week I found my bead soup in the mailbox and opened the box so fast I forgot to take a picture of the pretty ribbon it was wrapped in. Inside I found a lovely heart-shaped (or leaf-shaped) fine silver clasp, a beautiful shell focal and oh so pretty semi-precious stone beads. Plus the cute dragon pin -- I love dragons, but this is actually the first Welsh one I have in my "collection" -- a dragon coaster (which I must show, if not before so on the reveal date) and a welsh candy cane. Which I've of cause eaten already.

I mentioned to Sue that I'm fond of autumnal colours, but I don't know how she knew I really like tri-colour/soo cho "jade". So I was delighted to find these big, lush beads. I rarely buy big beads. Partially because I often do dainty designs, though many times it's also a matter of either habit or big stone beads being expensive. It'll be fun to work with big beads for a change.

At first I thought I'd mix them with my likewise autumnal hessonite or vesuvianite chips, but now I'm rethinking that one. Perhaps it'd be better to add round or at least less jagged-shaped beads? I like the smooth rounded shapes in both the focal and beads.

Yes, the focal. That is also very much in my taste in that it has no hole specifically for hanging it in. The open design instead makes it possible to add cords, wire, thread, rings etc in different ways. I like versatility in my jewellery components. Right now I'm thinking about adding ribbons or cording to it. Wonder if I have any in the right autumnal colours somewhere? Time to dive into the ribbon and yarn bag again.

The clasp is of a kind I don't use very often: handmade fine silver (just saying that sounds expensive). It's stamped Shiana, a company I've never shopped from but know about not least because of their fair trade policy. The shape and size would make it a nice focal -- rather a shame to use it in the back or have it compete with another focal in the front.

The other beads that I almost forgot to mention are facetted smoke quartz. I really like the colour, but I rarely buy it. I'm pondering whether to use it all in one piece or do a seperat piece with the quartz and clasp as I'm thinking about using brown brass or "vintage coloured" wire with the focal. And because the clasp would make a nice focal too. Just writing this I got a lightbulb moment: perhaps adding a few sterling silver beads (yupp, I do have a few of those laying around) and brown flexible beading wire? Or should I add a third colour?

Seeing the hue of the silver, perhaps it would look nice together with my spun tin thread? I'm a bit of a puritan when it comes to precious metals, not always wanting to mix them with base metal (and definitely not with plated findings) -- but on the other hand: there's 4 % silver in the tin thread.

Ah, decisions, decisions. I have plenty of time to make those choices, though. But I better try out the different options already now or I'll just end up doing what I do best: procrastinate.

I hope the rest of you out there are also enjoying your soups. And if any of you still haven't got yours, I hope it'll find its way to your mailbox soon. Can't wait for the big reveal and seeing what you've all done!


  1. Wow! I love that focal. I don't think that I have ever seen one quite like it. Very nice soup.

  2. Yes, that focal sure is pretty! I hope I'll be able to design something that does it justice.

  3. Hello Gorgeous sent you such a lovely bead soup!
    The clasp is really nice and the colors of the beads and focal are so warm and delicious looking.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

  4. Very pretty looks like fun.

  5. What pretty colors, just ready for cooler weather and the leaves changing! I'm looking forward to seeing the final result. :)


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