Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bead soup blog party: What I sent

Ok, so I know Sue's got my beads, which means I can go ahead and show them to you too. Have you guessed any of the beads that could been seen in the sneakpeak?

For this soup, I chose a crackled ceramic focal made in France. It's a cabochon/tile so no holes or bails attached, meaning it can be used in many different ways: stitching a beaded bezel, wire wrap it, add a glue-on bail, do some bead embroidery, frame it etc. I also added an alternative focal if the cab didn't want to co-operate, an irregular dyed stone bead.

My choice of clasp was a silver-plated box clasp with a dettachable sieve, also known as a mesh screen or perforated disc. This can be beaded, embroidered or embellished in any way you like and then adhered to the clasp using the prongs. It'll be interesting to see what Sue will make with this slightly out-of-the-ordinary clasp.

As for the rest of the soup, I gathered a little bit or this and a little bit of that from my stash, focusing on a simple white and turquoise colour scheme. There's wheat pearls, i. e. rice pearls top-drilled at an angle, pacific opal fire-polished, acrylic flowers, Miyuki drops and more.

And in the end I couldn't resist adding an Indian copper bead (is that a bear, you think?), a few glass coffee bean beads and a flower mix. The latter looks much bigger than it really is.

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