Monday, 29 August 2011

First version

Well, I'm reeking of vinegar, but why that is I won't tell until tomorrow. (You know me by now, dont you? First I don't write anything in weeks and then I can suddenly blog daily with a post a day -- at least.) Today I just wanted to show some pics of an idea that will remain just that as I've got other plans for the focal.

Recogonize the focal? It's the one I got from Sue for the bead soup blog party. When I was looking around for matching beads, I found this czech pink and amber flower bead. Thought it might work with the colour of the shell. And I think it does work well.

But I won't actually use the flower. Nor the little petals. Mostly because I wanted to use the jade beads I got and I don't think they'd work with the flowers, but partially also because I found something else to put in the centre of the component (not showing you that: come back in September if you're curious). So unless I buy a similar focal myself this is about as far as I'm going with this idea. I like it, but I've decided to go with something else (ack, that sounds like the rejection letters I get when I apply for jobs, "sorry, but we have decided to continue this process with another applicant").

But before putting back the beads I won't be using, I took these photos as a reminder of what I want to do if I get a focal like that again. A good idea to work with, it just didn't fit what I wanted to do right now. Maybe I'll keep it as a last resort if my other idea doesn't work, though. You never know when you're going to need a back-up plan.

PS! When I took the pics I realised I've worked with a similar colour palette (and in a way a similar style with filigree focals) before: my Whispered Words necklace.

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