Sunday, 9 February 2014

First snowdrops

It's that time of year again, it's time to report that the first snowdrops are budding. Rather early this year, if my previous posts are anything to go by: 2013 (6/3), 2012 (24/2), 2011 (15-16/3), 2010 (20/3) and 2009 (28/2). You do know that snowdrops have their own label on this blog, don't you? Just like the New year's eve photos it's become a sort of blogging tradition for me.

The snowdrops behind the barn hasn't got as far, as they've spent more time under the snow and in the shadow of trees.

Of cause we've got winter aconites as well, now that the snow is melting away fast. It's not like I don't like seeing them pop up in the flower beds too, but it's just that they are more winter flowers while snowdrops -- while still open blooming surrounded by snow -- tells me that spring is coming soon. Not yet, but soon.

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