Thursday, 6 February 2014

A season of Strauss

Well, I should be doing something else right now as I'm going to bed early (must get up around 6 o'clock tomorrow! Too early, way too early!), but I thought I might show you the latest flyers from the museum next door.

This year, the theme will be Richard Strauss. If you're into opera you might have already guessed it from Birgit's costume above. Let's see if we manage to get around to visit the museum this season: living near an attraction or event doesn't necessarily mean you attend it all the time. It's easy to become hemmablind ("home blind", not appreciating or visiting what is nearby as you're so used to it or because you look at the wonders of other places, you don't really see it anymore).

If you're interested in the Birgit Nilsson Museum and what it has to offer this season (or an interest in my old neighbour, Birgit), be sure to check out the museum website! She did own some lovely jewellery and while they aren't the main focus of the exhibits, you might want to visit just for the jewellery inspiration. There's also great costumes, accessories, music etc to inspire -- and if you're lucky, you might even meet one of our cats if you visit the museum. ;-)

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