Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Put them in the kitchen drawer or clay box?

A little show and tell today. This is a selection of modelling tools I won in a giveaway advent calendar at the baking blog Kakolina back in December. I actually wanted to win them as I thought they could be great for jewellery making -- sculpting clay and things like that -- but now I can't really decide whether to use them as clay tools or whether to dedicate them to food use. Creating with marzipan was fun as a kid and now there's also sugar paste etc available to create flowers and other decorations for cakes, cupcakes and desserts. Maybe it'd be fun to give it a go again -- with some neat tool to help me shape the paste this time.

Right now they're living in the kitchen drawer as you can always start using a tool for food use and then use it for working in clay or other craft uses, but you can't start off using something for inedible, sometimes slightly or even very toxic, materials and then put it in the kitchen.

(On a side note, one can dedicate a tool to food use and still make jewellery as these cakes will show you.)


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