Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I ♥ bokrea

The bokrea, the annual national book sale in Sweden, started yesterday. These last years I've found it quite boring because of the dull range of books on sale, but this year I've found quite a few books. Of cause, not all are that cheap so I'll have to cull a few favourites of the wishlists. (It's partially a decision between buying a slightly more expensive book or borrow it at the library, but I do love owning books both to fill the bookshelves and to not have to worry about returning them in time.)

Yesterday we had errands in Helsingborg so we took the opportunity to visit some of the shops on Väla and the book shop at Familia, but I ended up concluded the prices were cheaper online (the books on sale are mostly the same everywhere even if there are many exceptions, but the prices vary) and just bought a couple of books at the supermarket Brännborns (Ica Maxi). One fantasy novel set in our world, one period novel set in Mozambique.

I never got around to pre-order at any online shop so I'll be heading over to a couple of them soon to make sure my favourites doesn't sell out. Some already had when I checked last sunday. The punishment of procrastination unfortunately, though I did have a reason for waiting. 

So not many books yet, but it was fun to get some of the excitement over the annual book sale event back -- and I will be shopping more online. Still haven't sifted through the sale catalogue at SF Bokhandeln -- a book shop specialising in fantasy, sf, horror and comics -- so I could still have good books to discover. Fingers crossed.

Money, you say? Well... money spent on books are always money well spent, an investment. And I did save a little just for this. Still have to rein myself in though, or I'll buy way too much. It's just so tempting!

PS! Yes, I do often wait it out, trying to keep cool and hope for the 50 % off sale price offers at the end of or after the sale. It's great -- you pic up books for almost no money at all. But last year I did that and the book I really wanted was sold out by the time I got to the shop... So this year I don't want to take any chances unless with books that are of less interest. Lesson learned!

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