Sunday, 2 February 2014

Midwinter spring

It's almost felt like a spring day today. And no wonder: after several days of snowfall and then, yesterday, rain all day, it was thawing today. It was 4 degrees during the day (according to my sis), I could see green grass and slush while hearing water dripping from the roofs and the birds singing.

 That's a pool made by the water dripping from the barn roof gutter. It's made a lovely circle in the snow.

The cats weren't impressed, though... (That's Julle on the stone, waiting impatiently to be let in, and Knatti enjoying the new water supply.)

Despite the snow, compared to the photos below which were taken on friday, it sure felt spring like. A touch of spring in the air. But I'm not fooling myself, I know it's still just early february and it's just the way winter can be. It doesn't mean spring is just around the corner. We've had mild winters -- just to be surprised by blizzards in april...

While I prefer snow over the usual grey and rainy scanian winters, I still hope for an early spring this year. Can't wait to see the spring flowers beginning to bud.

And after all, that was friday. This is today (photo below). So things are making some sort of progress, even if there will we wintery backlashes still to come. One often forgets, once it starts coming mild winter days after new year's, that february still is and always will be a winter month.


  1. What a change in weather and light in a couple of days. It's practical to have a waiting stone at the door. Most cats hate wet cold feet. Milka

    1. Yeah, that stone is very well used. I wouldn't be surprised if they'll wear it down one day! *lol* They get up on it during warm, dry days too: some of them to try and reach the handle (it's pretty much just Mimi left who can open doors herself), but others seem to do it to show us that it's urgent, they need to get in NOW!


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