Saturday, 22 February 2014

They say it's spring

According to the meteorologists, we officially have spring here in Skåne now. Though, as the meteorological definition of spring is seven days and nights with an average temperature above zero, it doesn't really say much about the weather. It's still very grey and rainy (fog's gone, though) and feel just like a mild, typically scanian winter. But I guess it's a good sign that "real" spring is coming. There can still be backlashes, but hopefully it'll soon getter warmer so it begins to feel more like spring.

So far, it's mainly the snowdrops telling me it's more spring than winter now.

 Most of our snowdrops are spread out in the lawn and flowerbeds (by the remains of the horse chestnut tree), but behind the barn, there's one spot with a bigger host of snowdrops. The pic above is from that group of flowers, as are the two below.

 The last photo there is from the flowerbed by the road where the snowdrops are more scattered.

As shown here, the crocus has begun to bud too. The purple ones haven't gotten much further than in those photos, but they are now accompanied by yellow crocus buds and a couple of white ones too too.

 The hepatica or liverleaf has begun to bud already too, but sadly it looks like someone's been eating on the flowers or something... Let's hope the later flowers will be undamaged because these buds look so sad.

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