Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bead and jewellery making book reviews

I'm sitting here -- after a short working day (2 hours) -- and waiting for my book order to arrive. It feels like ages ago that I ordered them (last week)... No books in the mail today, but perhaps tomorrow?

Anyway, since I'm thinking about nothing but books -- the ones I bought and the ones I want to buy -- I got the idea to make a short list of beading and jewellery making books I've reviewed on my other blog. Mostly books in english, but also swedish, danish, dutch, french, japanese books can be found in my collection -- eventhough I don't even speak all those languages!

List of reviewed bead and jewellery making books 2008-2011

Books listed by name of author. Click on the title of each book to go directly to the review post in question. Of cause all reviews are written in Swedish; if you want, you can translate them using Google Translate.

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I also read magazines, though with a few exceptions I have found that I prefer books, but Belle Armoire Jewelry is so far the only mag I've gone as far as reviewing. Partially because that's one of the few mags I had several recent issues of; reviewing a mag based on one issue feels somewhat unjuste and reviewing a mag based on what it was like two or three years ago when I subscribed or regularly bought copies is even more unfair and gives a dated and perhaps even wrong view of what the mag is like today (and tomorrow).

I haven't reviewed any books in a while now. Since the books only are ones found at the local library -- not that many of interest -- or bought when my budget allowed such luxuries, the number of reviews I can make are very limited. The first couple of years I simply reviewed books from my bookshelf, but now I've already reviewed most of those. Well, at least I'll hopefully sometime during this week get one book that'll be perfect to review on the blog. After that I'm not sure how many more book purchases my budget will allow (seeing how I want to buy supplies too, not just books).

PS! Would you be interested to read my future reviews here, in english, too? Just let me know if you do and I'll include them here as well.

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