Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bead blog recap weeks 23-25

I've been so busy with other things as well as relaxing and doing nothing so I forgot the last recap before the blog break. So here, finally is a summary of the Manekis Pärlblogg posts for the last few weeks. (As usual I will do monthly colour inspiration posts and contest/challenge tips during the break.)

The posts include everything from slightly unusual jewellery materials (concrete and washi tape), embroidery techniques, challenge tips, seed bead glossaries, patinas, german bead shows, colour inspiration and more.

Summer break
A little info about the blog break.

Washi tape jewellery
How to make pendants, necklaces, bracelets and bangles using japanese paper tape.

English needles not english?
A note on how the origin of english needle brands have been discussed on needlecraft and beading blogs/forums lately.

Trapped beads
A different kind of embroidery technique, though not a bead embroidery technique. Trap beads under the fabric to create dimensional and textured embroidery surfaces.

Cement and concrete
Rough materials that can be used in jewellery. Some info on what cement and concrete is and also on how to use it in jewellery making.

Tila vs. Tiles
A comparison between to tile beads for beadweavers: Miyuki's Tila beads and Starman's CzechMates tile beads.

Combine patinas
Some ideas, suggestions and tips on mixing patinas and/or faux patinas.

Patina resists
Resists can be applied to metal before patinating it to create patterns. Lists many different resists and what to think of when choosing a medium.

Gilder's Paste
Gilder's Paste is a type of coloured wax used to add faux patina or just a touch of colour to e.g. metal.

Pearl documentary on TV
Tip about a documentary on indonesian pearl cultivation on SVT (Swedish television). I believe it's no longer available on SVT Play either.

Colour inspiration from crystal filigree beads
Let crystal-encrusted filigree beads inspired you to try new colour combinations.

Pearl oyster lampwork beads
Maria Grimes have made som whimsical new lampwork beads.

Silk Colour Palette Challenge
It's too late to participate in the 2nd round of Marsha Neal's challenge now.

Seed bead shapes
Learn the names of all the tiny beads that sometimes are collectively called seed beads. From bugles and drops to more unusual shapes such as tila and twin. Also discusses how seed bead is defined: is it a name for all small beads made from glass tubing or is it another name for just rocailles?

Bead, book & bounce
A new challenge from the Operation Tackle That Bead Stash blog. To sum it up, all participants gather around one book and make a project from it, which is then shared with the others on a reveal date. Rolling challenges.

June challenges
A round-up of current monthly (and weekly and year-long) design challenges.

Friendship bracelets with studs, rhinestone and chain
An updated version of the old knotted friendship bracelets.

Bead Show in Hamburg
In August it's time for the second annual Beaders Best bead show in Hamburg.

Gesso patina
Add a matee whitewash (or coloured wash) to metal using acrylic-based gesso.

Bead and chain headpieces
How to make bohemian- och elven-style hair jewellery using chains and perhaps a few beads or charms.

How to make a headband from a necklace
A really easy way to turn a long bead necklace into a headband. Also links to previous blog posts on converting jewellery.

June colour inspiration
My bead soup of colour inspiration for June, which has also been featured on this blog.

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