Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer's eve -- part 2

And here's part 2 of the summer evening photos. This time I didn't have Jisse with me. Instead, his brother Julle came and followed me on the road. Unfortunately, this was the best pic I got of him: the close-ups where blurred as he refused to sit still (he really didn't like that I focused more on the camera than him...).

This was the view he and I saw from that spot:

And then -- to totally spoil the mood -- a pic that should've been in the first part instead:

(I did take a few flower pics too, but I'm saving them for a special summer flower post. And, by the way, don't miss tomorrow's post with the seaside photos.)


  1. Lovely pics. The same but ever changing view. I love the mist. There must be fairies hiding behind the trees. Love your furry assistants.

  2. Beautiful photos..love that soft light and the mist..entrancing.

  3. Those are really beautiful pictures. What a lush and pretty landscape. Thank you for posting them:)

  4. Thank you! I'm hoping this weather will last at least through this night so I can get some more late evening photos. Now around the solstice is perfect with the short, light nights. (Saw in the paper yesterday that the day was 10 hours and 41 minutes longer than on the day of the winter solstice; we have about 6,5 hours of night right now, in six months it will be the opposite with 6-7 hour days...)


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