Saturday, 9 June 2012

June bead soup palette

Just a quick post (as I've not only been working, but also managed to hurt my knee and got a three day tummy ache so I'm not in the best of mood). Wanted to show this week's colour palette that I've done for my other blog. It's actually two palettes since I couldn't choose which green to use. In retrospect I regret the opaque olive though as it didn't looks a good together with the pink in the photos (either the olive beads should've been lustered or the pink beads should've been without the luster finish). So for this post, I put the second palette (with the mottled and lustered green beads) before the first.

As you can see I don't use a template: different font sizes every time... Should make notes of the sizes really so it's more uniform. I also should add the blog URL, I think. To watermark/tag the pics. But I forget... (On the same note, I really feel the first palette photo needs to be remade. It doesn't at all bring out the lovely colours of the beads...)

I've had an idea about my summer blogging break (from my other blog, not this one), that I'd make weekly palettes. Simple ones with two or three colours max. Instead of not blogging at all. But maybe I need more of a full break? I felt that way the other day and wanted to give up the idea. But... Can't decide... There's some time left before midsummer's eve and my traditional blog break start, though, so there's time to change my mind again. What do you think? My palettes aren't that special, but it's always fun to do even if the photo editing takes some time. Is it better to do palettes than to do no blogging at all through July and perhaps even August? Would you like to see more palettes, even if they are simple? Is it worth the effort?


  1. I like both color combinations. In fact, I think you could use both greens together with the coral and cream!

  2. Hope you are well now and had you new books to comfort yourself with. Your bead palettes is a great idea.Sometimes you just need something simple like a suprise bead mix to stimulate your creativity. I guess posts like this one would be appreciated but if you feel like having a long holiday you should really consider having a break from your other blog. I guess you'll be playing with your beads and come up with some interesting palettes to show us. Maybe you could post them on this blog during your break and on you other blog later on? If you decide/promise to post weekly palettes and start feeling like it was not a good idea after all, your summer break could turn into a stressful time instead of relaxation for body and soul.Take care!

  3. I like both of them the colors look great together. I think the palettes are a great idea, very good to use for inspiration.


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