Sunday, 17 June 2012

Where I've been today

I'm not one to take a camera with me when I go somewhere and I don't have a modern mobile phone with a camera, but this time when we went to Helsingborg (where my dad is currently hospitalised, awaiting an operation) I couldn't resist taking a photo or two with my sister's phone camera.

So that's Helsingborg. With Denmark and Helsingör at the horizon. There probably are better views of the city, but this is the one we often see as we walk to the city centre. We took these photos (in the rain) from the parapets at Landborgen by Kärnan. A landborg is a kind of plataeu with a sudden drop, which can -- like in Helsingborg -- offer lovely vantage points.

As mentioned it was raining and my sis only have a tiny memory card in her phone so we didn't take any more pics (if you want more urban photos than my usual rural photo settings, se a post I made this winter: Båstad and Laholmsbukten). I added a filtre to the pic above to make it less chilly and dull -- which made want to do something with the first pics too:

Anyway, I did some shopping and while it was mostly food (read: chocolate and gräddbullar) and craft supplies etc, there was one find I wanted to share. Not today as I'm too tired to get out the camera (getting up at 6 again tomorrow, the harvest isn't over yet), but hopefully soon.

While uploading my photos from the mobile, I found a few other pics I've taken with her camera once when we were in the car together. We saw this fab sunset and as I was sitting on the right side of the car, I borrowed her camera to take a few snapshots. Through a dirty car window. While the car was in motion. These were part of that photo session:

This last phtos is taken between Vantinge and Förslöv. The other two are closer to home.

Not showing them because they're amazingly good or anything. But I kind of like the blur. If nothing else they might be fun photos to use as a base for digital art doodles or digital collages. And the dirty car window adds a certain touch to the pics, don't you think?


  1. Hope your dad will have his surgery soon and have a fast recovery. Then you all will be able to enjoy the beautiful summer days at home. It is summer after all...despite of the weather in your pics. I'm sure his is glad to have his daughters visiting him. Helsingborg looks picturesque despite of the weather and the cars. Like having travelled back in time. I like your blurred pics too. Looks like your sis is driving really fast.

  2. Hope all goes well with your Dad's op. he is in a very pretty the filter add-on ones.
    Actually I love the car photos....I do that quite a bit, too. I have some interesting results with light and tunnels etc..might show them one day!
    All the best

  3. In July I'll be visiting Båstad for the very first time. Love your winter pics from there. And the cats. No, you didn't ruin the photo session. I like these pics too. Especially the ones with less rain. Hope your Dad's operation will be successful.

  4. Thanks for your concern! No date is set yet for the op. as he has to gain weight and strenght before they operate. The doc will be back after midsummer so perhaps a date will be set then.

    Yes, Helsingborg have some pretty neighbourhoods -- and a bead shop -- but you should be glad I didn't turn the camera more to the left or you'd see part of the industrial harbour -- not as pretty and picturesque... ;-)

    The big house on the left with the copper roof is a church, by the way, even if it doesn't look like one from that angle. (And the house on the right-side corner next to the black-and-white half-timbered house is a Peter Beier chocolate shop!)


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