Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hockeypulver patina experiment

I should be answering e-mails right now, but can't help procrastinating. So instead I'm writing this short post before forcing myself back to the mail.

This is another one of my little patina experiments. Remember how the only ammonia I could find was baker's ammonia (hjorthornssalt)? Well, some time after that I bought some hockeypulver -- mostly out of nostalgia but also because I had a craving for salty liquorice -- which made me start thinking: salmiak liquorice is made from salmiak and salmiak is ammonia based (I do remember some things from chemistry class!). So does that mean you can use salmiak liquorice powder like hockeypulver to create fumed or buried ammonia patinas?

My first attempt at finding out failed as I ate all of it before finding any metal to test it on... Not sure the second attempt was any better. One of the main reasons are that I wanted to try a fumed patina first and thought it'd work by just wetting the powder (after having eaten most of it), put a bronze tag in the box, close the lid and wait. Unfortunately as the powder melted, the tag sank into the liquid and it was more guck than patina that covered it once I opened the lid again. So I put the tag on a little scrap of paper on the liquid and sealed it up again. And this is the result after the guck was rinsed off. The glimmering is sugar crystals that I haven't scrubbed off: looks like the patina would disappear before the rock hard crystals if I tried and I haven't tried to immerse it in water to let the sugar dissolve.

So it is worth trying again? I don't know, but if it's the only thing you have, it can be used to create some sort of patina. And with better execution, the result would've been better than in my first hockeypulver experiment.


  1. Now you have a reason to buy Hockeypulver!

  2. Love the Hockey Pulver tin. I used to be a great fan of ice hockey. Now they fight each other all the time. I don't like violence.

    1. Yeah, that's a bit of a special design...

      I used to watch hockey as a kid, but haven't for ages. There's more fun team sports to watch were you have the high pace but without the violence and difficulty to follow the puck. Today I really do prefer to watch handball.


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