Monday, 28 January 2013

Meowy Monday

These pics are a bit old, from before the snow came again. It's really more about what's happening than about getting cute close-ups of Julle here. I was going to take pics of something else when I bumped into him, perched up there.

So where do you think he is? And why is he sitting there?

Let's zoom out and see if we can solve this "puzzle".

Yes, he's waiting for the birds. Usually, the girls are more interested in them than the boys. Jinja, for example, almost daily skulk behind the boxwood hedge after my sis have fed the wild birds. But some of the younger boys find the little birdies fascinating to watch too. And some of the cats like to get closer to the birds -- or so they think -- by scurrying up on the swing holder. Like Julle have done here (he also enjoys the swing we put up there during summer as you could see here).

If there are any bird lovers reading this: don't worry, the birds are used to the presence of cats and know to stay away when needed and, more importantly, which cats to avoid -- some of them are just curious rather than looking for a snack. Julle, Jinja and Uggi are bird watchers rather than bird hunters. They prefer food to be served on a plate on their command, not chased after. They're cats -- they don't work unless they have to.

And there's Ullegull too. Not liking that I focus so much on Julls instead of him...


  1. Hipsters like bird-watching. Your cats like bird-watching. Your cats are...hipsters?! Milka

  2. The swing holder looks rather high. I just wonder how he thinks he'll catch a bird from there? I'm sure the birds are safe. Anna

    1. I doubt he thought it through. Many of the birds like to sit in the bush by the swing, though, so maybe he just felt closer to the birds like that -- while also being in a high place like cats want to be.


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