Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter birds

I'm no good at photographing birds -- unless they're water birds or at least by the sea -- so this is an unusual photo. For those of you not familiar with birds, it's a nuthatch (nötväcka) on the left and a blue tit (blåmes) on the right.

This photo's from a big bunch of pics I just downloaded after filling the memory card with photos of a yet again snowy landscape. While it'd be a lot more fun to show those, they still have to wait as they need to be resized and cropped before showing them. Not to mention having to pick out a reasonable number of photos from the over 400 I took. That would be a tad much to show all of those, don't you agree? Also, when my memory card was full I took some pics with my sis' camera so they need to be retrieved too. So until then you'll have to make due with the little birds here.

Well, ok, here's a little sneak peek of what I hope to be able to show you more of later in the weekend (as in probably Sunday, won't be home tomorrow).


  1. Thanks for the pics. I love nuthatches, they are so pretty and interesting. I used to observe them when I lived in a place with lots of birds in the garden. The snow makes me think of something beaded and beautiful. Very inspiring photos.

    1. Thanks! The nuthatch was my favourite winter bird as a kid. Very cute and then they'd walk head first down trunks and branches, which was fun and fascinating for a kid to watch. Nowadays I still like them, but it's probably the woodpecker that's my fave. Rarely get good pics of him/her, though -- this time I took about six pics, but the light was poor and he wouldn't sit still so all the photos turned out blurred.


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