Monday, 21 January 2013

Meowy Monday

Today it's all about Ullegull again. More precisely Ullegull in the snow (as mentioned earlier, we got a white winter again last week). He likes it. At least for a while, then it get too cold. Despite all that fluffy fur.

Ah, that's Uggi's reaction to the fire truck sirens. There were a couple of trucks on the main road, which you barely can make out in the background of the photo.

Alas, I missed the opportunity when he -- after the truck had disappeared to the west -- ran down the hill. This is the only photo I got, taken just before he took off.

Soon he found it was too cold. You can't see it in these pics, but he began to shiver while my sis held him up to camera so he could play with it (she got him to make a nose print on the lens...).  Tried my best to crop her out (though I think you still see enough of her for her to want to kill me if she knew I posted that photo online!).


  1. He is so big and fluffy now. Our babies grow so fast. Such a pity that snow isn't warn. ;-)

  2. Hopefully he'll learn to appreciate snow. At least I think it's better to have snow on the ground than gray rainy days. Those days will make him wet immediately, not just if he is unlucky.

  3. One thing he really dislike about snow is that it tend to stick to his belly fur. The wet weather also makes his fur tangle more so we try to remember to brush him often to keep the fur from becoming matted (we're too used to short-haired cats that don't have this problem). It's not always easy to be a long-haired cat...

    But most of the time the fun things about snow make up for it being wet and cold: it is fun to play in and it makes the one year olds that doesn't usually play with him playful -- and you can sneak up on the winter birds as we start to feed them when the snow comes.


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