Monday, 14 January 2013

Meowy Monday

When my sis was reorganizing her workspace, she found a bunch of photos I took years ago. Autumn of 2006 to be precise (I think). I scanned in the three photos I call Äppelkatter, Apple Cats, thinking they'd be fun to show here on the blog.

There's a story behind these photos and it all started one day when I'd let the kittens Mini, Mimi and Isse out to play. I went indoors as they were old enough to take care of themselves and still young enough to not to have the courage to go very far (e. g. up to the road). When I got back out I didn't see them. No panick: cats like to hide. I called their names, which usually was very effective. No kittens. A little worried now, but still: they could be preoccupied playing in the bushes. Looked around the yard, but didn't find anything. At that point I started to worry, it was like they had vanished into thin air. Having lost cats without a trace before, it wasn't a good sign.

I walked around the garden and that's when I heard something. I walked towards the sound that came from the place where we have a few apple trees (not really an orchard, more a section of the garden with apple trees). The kittens had never been that far from the house before so I hadn't searched there. Now I did. And I found the little kitties up in the apple trees. Climbing around like they'd been born in them. I'd never seen them climb up even a small bush before so it was with a big surprise I saw them hiding, climbing and playing up in the canopies.

 That's Mini in the top pic and then Mimi above. They did like to walk out on the smallest limbs of the trees like that -- thankfully the trees weren't that big, just a little over two metres or something.

Below, you can see Isse -- and, if you look close, a paw and tail above him as one of the others are climbing down.

They did give me a scare that day, but it all ended well. And for many days after, the apple trees became their favourite playground. While most of our cats love to climb trees and telephone poles, no one has -- before or after -- been as fond of the apple trees as this trio were.


  1. Oh, they are so cute! I especially love the composition of the top photo. I bet they did give you a scare that day.

  2. These photos made me smile. I'm sure they thought those apples were cat toys just for them!

  3. Pretty cats. These pics are perfect. Looks like arranged, but I know the aren't. You were lucky. Milka


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