Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January bead soup palette

January is almost over -- or at least two thirds of the month is -- and I haven't shown the latest bead mix. Maybe it's because it's a simple thing I threw together as I couldn't decide what to do with the mix that was originally intended to be the first monthly soup of the year (because of the winter colours in it).

This is a really simple mix of light earthtone colours. The kind I like to use. The pearls add a nice shine to the colours. For a darker mix, you could use brown and olive green pearls instead. For more colour, consider adding a light purple or mauve hue to the blend.

I like the two neutrals beige (here champagne) and brown (bronze) as they go so well with many of the colours I like such as purple, rose, green, turquoise, teal, mauve etc. If you don't know how to mix a colour, why not first try and mix it with brown and beige? Might sound slightly boring, but it works great with some colours, especially if using matte or silky finishes -- which of cause includes fibres and other textile supplies like silk ribbons. My siamese cat necklace is a variation of this type of colour combo.

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