Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter renewed: Frost

Here's some of the photos I mentioned before the weekend. Focus is on close-ups of frost and snow rather than landscapes and scenic views. We, my sis and I, took that kind of photos too, but surely you must get tired of seeing the same views of Svenstad all the time? Maybe there'll be a couple of those pics another day, but in this post it's all about macro photography and frost.

So we went for a walk, my sis and I, just an hour or so before sunset, which is why the sun's so low in the photos. When we got to the other side of the road, we saw that there was a fantastic frosted surface on the snow and when we got further up the hill we also found these large frost formations on staws of grass. Looked really fascinating.

There were also more delicate grass with a different, lighter frost coating.

Finally, a couple of pics from the garden where it was more snow and thin frost coatings on the leaves. I think it's Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) or perhaps mint in the second pic. The snow has gathered in little balls on the nodes where the leaves were attached.


  1. Such beautiful photos combining the sun, the snow and the leaves! It's a wonderful world! Today is an ordinary Winter day in Portugal, only in our highest mountain, which is about 2000 metres, you can get any snow.

  2. Beautiful photos, but it looks cold! ;) It is a warm, 73 degrees here today!

    1. I had to google the temp and, yeah, it's a bit colder here than where you are. Would say it's not that bad, though I did freeze when it first when from +4 to -4. It's been somewhere between -2 and -4 during the day these last week, which would be about 24-28 in Fahrenheit. Colder when the sun sets. I think the paper said something about -11 (12,2 F) tonight.

      But I do prefer subzero temperatures and snow to the typical scanian winter of just a few degrees above zero, raw weather with sometimes daily rain showers and no sunshine (both because the days are still short and because they're hidden behind heavy grey skies).

  3. Amazing! You live in Winter Wonderland.

  4. Unas fotos fantásticas. Eres una artista con la cámara fotográfica. Enhorabuena!!! Me das mucha envidia. Aquí también hoy hace mucho frío pero no ha nevado. Un saludo desde Leganes, España

  5. Thank you so much for your comments, everyone! I'm glad you liked the photos.

  6. Wow! Gorgeous photos. Who knew frost could be so beautiful.


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