Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Black gesso filigree

I'm waiting for the rain (ok, it's really just a light drizzle today) to clear so I can get back out and take some more photos. While waiting I thought I might as well show you this. A little something I made just to try my new black gesso.

It's a relatively large silverplated filigree piece that I coated with black gesso and then dusted with purple chalk, which gave the matte surface a slightly smoky feel. As you can see, I wasn't very thorough with the paint job so the plating peaks through here and there, but on the other hand it was just a test. Next time I'll prepare the surface better -- and wait with the second coat and chalk until the first coat is fully dried.

Hrmm... I should've taken a photo of the filigree before painting it so you could see the difference. I do have a second, unused and unaltered, one so I'll see if I can add a pic of it here later.

...and now it's added.

 It's very pretty as it is too. But it's fun to do something different sometimes, create a new look for filigree you've had laying around for ages.


  1. This beautiful gessoed stamping reminds me of wrought iron. Very different from silver plated. At a closer look, the purple chalk makes it even more interesting. A good idea for cheap stampings and findings with not so pretty surface. Did you seal it with something to make it durable? Well, you call it a WIP, maybe it's too early to seal it. Anna

    1. Yeah, I'll have to fix the gaps in the paint first. And then I have to find a sealer, finished my spray lacquer a few months ago and haven't bought a new one yet. But as long as I don't actually put it on a piece of jewellery or anywhere else where it might wear down, it'll be fine (if the chalk disappears it's easy to add more while waiting to seal it).


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