Monday, 1 July 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

It's already getting late today, but I wanted to show some cat photos today. So I looked through the files and thought Ninna haven't gotten much attention. Being a very shy cat, she isn't easy to take photos of, but I found these three from last month.

She refused to look at me and you can see that she's tense as I came a bit too close for her comfort. But at least she isn't running away like she would when she was younger. The last couple of nights she's even been sleeping a few hours in my bed. Of cause just jumping up after I've fallen asleep, sleeping as close to foot end of the bed as she can without falling off and with a buffer of other cats between her and me. But still, she's in the bed near me and for a shy cat, pretty much born a feral, it's huge. And I love her for it.


By the way, I did a blogiversary post on my other blog earlier: it's turning five today! Read it here.

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  1. These pics show Ninna's shyness. They are perfect as they show her current personality. Hopefully she'll be tame one day.

    It's funny that cats think we don't know that they sleep with us. Our cat prefers to wait till we put the lights off. If we don't do that and she wants to go to bed, she just jumps to my bed and starts sleeping at my feet, advancing towards my pillow when I'm asleep. Anna


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