Friday, 26 July 2013

Cat photos of the week

Having spent Monday and Tuesday baking in the hot sun (peaked around 30 degrees on Mon -- and not even the slightest breeze) working long hours in the potato fields (where there were stinging flies too to top it all off) and then having a friend of my sister's over Tuesday and Wednesday, I took a few days off the computer. Which in my case means reading e-mails and blog feeds just because I hate having a huge backlog later, but not doing anything more productive online. But today I'm going to be slightly productive and show some pics I took of Julle last night. Meowy Monday of a friday this week as per the summer "schedule".

Alas, if only I had thought of going up the hill a bit earlier! Now the sun was already behind the horizon and the sunset colours were fading fast as was the light. Julle posing was perfect, just wish I'd had the backdrop to make him justice. Still, there's always another time. And, besides, had I gone earlier it isn't sure that Julle would've been in the mood to follow me.


  1. I love the elegant profile of your cat. It is not easy to get pics like this. The cat, usually not wanting to pose, the background, the darkness. A good photo idea. Milka

    1. Thanks! Julle is the perfect model, really. So sweet and kind -- and unlike many cats he understands that we like him to pose a bit away from the camera lens and that we will come back to him for hugs and cuddles, he doesn't have to run and brush up against the camera to get it.


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