Monday, 29 July 2013

July bead soup palette

Well, just got a lot of cats before the weekend so this monday I'm doing things a bit differently and will just be showing this colour palette -- if you want another cat, check out the last version I made of the Julle digital doodles on my Flickr page.

You might recognize the silk cord from this post, but I think the colours look better in this photo. The beads are also a new addition -- one that made my sis wonder what was happening: something must be wrong or at least weird when I buy blue stuff. I opened the envelope and showed the beads I'd bought, most in more or less my usual colour palette (gilt lavender, black diamond, brown-lined montana, mauve, paprika etc) which perhaps made this colour stand out even more in her eyes. It was the first thing she saw and the first thing she commented. To my defence, it's a slightly violet purple so it's not such a big leap as it might seem to those who know of my disinterest -- yeah, let's call it that -- in blue.

Anyway, this month's palette turned out to be an analogue colour scheme. Just two items, but they are both variegated which add some depth and life to the mix. The silk is mainly blue with periwinkle, blue-violet and violet. The beads are in a similar blue with mauve accents. It's a simple palette, but one with a lot of colour to draw the eye towards it while at the same time being calm and serene.

For this palette I chose to use colour-lined seed beads. I really like this type for two reasons. First of all because of the interaction between the colour in the glass itself and the colour of the lining, I love seeing what happens when combining colours this way. Secondly, this bead finish combines the qualities of both transparent and opaque beads. It has the depth, shine and lightness of a transparent bead paired with the solid colour of opaque beads. If you haven't tried colour-lined beads, but want something with more opacity and impact than transparent beads, but without the "flat" appearance of opaque beads, you should give this bead type a go.


  1. Beautiful beads and cord. This palette makes me think of a summer night at the sea. Tell your (envious?) sister this is called development. Times change, we change and want to try new things. And yes, I think she wants to have those blue beads and cords. Milka

    1. Thanks! It's nice to try something new, even when it's just a couple of shades away from my favourite colour.

      Actually, colours used to be part of our sibling rivalry. My favourite colour was girly pink and so hers became the opposite, blue. She's stuck with blue while I outgrew pink in my teens (and instead fell in love with several colours, but most of all every possible shade of violet/purple), but up until then we didn't like the other person's colour. As kids blue was hers and pink was mine. We'd fight over our things and colour was a way to mark our personalities and differences in that sibling rivalry. For mum it was practical: she knew all blue clothes were my sis' and all pink/coral/purple ones were mine so they didn't get mixed up. So when mum or my sis sees me with blue it's weird as I've spent much of my life distancing myself from that colour. I still very rarely wear blue clothes for example.


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