Friday, 26 July 2013

Digital doodles with Julle

Seeing a couple of textures from Temari09, I got stuck on the computer doodling with textures and photos. After combining two textures -- this one and this -- with one of my own, I wanted to add a bit of cat. So I took what I had closest: the pics of Julle I posted earlier today. These are a few of the digital doodles I ended up with.

I added a quote to one of them too. Often when I made digital doodles I want to add a quote, but although I have collection both on Pinterest and older ones (mostly poems) written down in a folder, I can rarely find what I want. In this case, it was pretty much just grabbing the first cat related quote found...

Edited to add: Oh, I never saw that green spot on the right when making the pics -- now I do and I hate it! Blä! Need to edit it out ASAP... or at least soon: the family is invited to grandma's birthday party tomorrow, which will include helping her prepare the food (mum helped with the smörgåstårta/sandwich cake today) and my sis and I are apparently in the cake decorating team. So not really much time to do it now.


  1. You're the artist but I love it the way it is now. In some cultures, I can't remember which, people when making things, such as chairs, embroideries, always leave a small flaw because no human person is perfect. Have a nice week-end. Ana

  2. I think the first pic looks like a pretty cabochon. ACBeads, avoiding perfection sounds Japanese to me. Milka


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