Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My new favourite quick cookies

I'm actually a tad too tired to blog today, but I'm taking a break from reading blogs and writing a shopping list. Where's going grocery shopping tomorrow (unless there's a last minute change) and I need to get new bananas and oats. Why am I telling you? You couldn't care less, right? Well, I just want to mention a recipe I've been enjoying the last month or two. My new favourite afternoon treat. They're super easy to make, requires just three ingredients and (depending on which type of third ingredient you use) they can be served to people on milk and/or gluten free diets.

This is my take on the 2 Ingredient Cookies from the Burlap Bag. The bananas-oats-and-nothing-else recipe you might've seen many times on Pinterest.

First of all, I only make half a batch as I find the cookies the most delicious when lukewarm, fresh from the oven. I can make half a batch everyday for several days in a row this way.

Second, I don't have quick oats. Regular oats didn't work very well as they were too hard -- instead I take the oats and rub them with my fingers to create something between flakes and flour. Not too much, but crushing them enough to make something smoother than the big oats.

My choice of mix-in is of cause chocolate, Odense 55 % dark chocolate (sweet enough to make it a cookie, dark enough to pretend it's still healthy with all that banana and oats and no other added sugar). I add as much as I feel like. Perhaps as much as 50 grammes for half a batch.

Finally, I make the cookies small, yielding more than in the original recipe, and flatten them before putting them in the oven so they'll dry out as much as possible. Cookies shouldn't be soft and moist, they should be crispy or chewy.

Promise you they taste better than they look!

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