Saturday, 6 July 2013

"Behind the scenes"

Remember that digital doodle I showed here? Well, today I took some photos and it included a couple of the old windows from that photo so I thought I'd show you the original photo before photo manipulation and a few pics of the windows themselves.

 Managed to get some sunshine through the glass, which made a huge difference (it has been somewhat enhanced in the finished doodle, though). For the pic I used a texture made from a photo of weeds seen through the greenhouse glass so there's actually two types of glass even though one can't really see the latter.

As I've mentioned many times before, I love taking photos of all the old glass we have lying around. Some of it is fitted on the greenhouses. Some makes up the old henhouse and barn windows -- you know which ones those are as they're covered in cobwebs. Some are just being stacked against a wall, waiting to be used. And some narrow old windows are being reused as cold frame covers (I often call them hotbeds as I never remember what cold frames are called in english, but they are cold frames). Now that it's warm, those windows have been stacked against a decaying old wooden chair under a big bush in the garden behind the barn (where the smaller, still useful, greenhouse is). 

 You have to get close to the glass to really appreciate the textures and colours you can get when photographing old glass that's been subjected to weather and wind. And algae, weeds, dirt, everything that objects are exposed to when being left outdoors for years and never having been properly cleaned or restored every now and then.

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