Sunday, 17 November 2013

Back again

Well, I thought it was time to try and get back into blogging and get a few less sad posts up. Most of the colourful autumn leaves are gone by now, but there are a few spots of colour left -- like these marigolds that dad had sown (dad chose them, my sis did the actual sowing) by the barn. Because of the open view to the southwest, the autumn sun shines on them in the early afternoon before it dips below the hill.

So most leaves gone, but the few sunny days in between the rain and fog really light up the landscape, not least the warm (in colour, not temperature) afternoon sun. As you can see below (that's Jinja on the stone by the way).

And for a very random finale: my new clogs. I finally got some new clogs and it felt good to get a pair of shoes that doesn't leak every time I step in a puddle or stream of rainwater, which happens a lot when it rains in the autumn. Had spotted a relatively cheap pair earlier, but the heels were too high. These were better -- even if they are stapled and not nailed as I prefer. Sadly, I got the clogs on the same day dad had to go to the emergency so the happiness disappeared pretty quickly.

But now that it's cold and wet outside, I'm glad that I finally got them after having been clog-less (and thus lacking everyday shoes appropriate for the countryside) for two years. Clogs really are the best shoes and I've been wearing them for as long as I can remember. They deserve a tribute, and ode, and one day I'll have to do a blog post just on clogs.


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