Saturday, 23 November 2013

October & November bead soup palette

Forgot to make a version in english of the November soup, which I threw together one day. As it was my birthday in the beginning of the month, I had already planned to include purple months earlier, but never thought about the rest of the bead mix. When looking for a good purple beads, the crystal sliperit rizos caught my eye. They have some purple in them, but also the coppery rose gold you might otherwise associate with apollo/capri gold. Just for fun, a colour that bridged the intensely coloured rizos and the crinkled pearl glass beads was added in the guise of sparkling ginger-lined amethyst AB triangles.

Ideally I would've wanted to use Swarovski's new blackberry pearls in the november palette, but I haven't got my hands on any yet. Thinking of making a tiny order of swarovski coin pearls for the birthday money I got from my aunt Elsa. Because you can't resist purple crystal pearls (nor coin pearls) even when on a bead ban...

October was another palette I just threw together, or rather made from a photo I took for another reason (namely Sequintastic September). You can read more about the components of this mix and see variations on it in the Sequintastic September reveal post.


  1. Just buy those blackberry coin pearls! Because you are worth it! Minka

    1. Thanks for being a good beadaholic enabler. ;D Only worry is: do you think it's possible to just buy those blackberry coin pearls and nothing else? My mastercard is worried about my discipline when it comes to bead shopping. (Normally I'm a good girl when it comes to sticking to budgets, but with beads you just never know when that irresponsible magpie/dragon hoarding part of the brain breaks free and try to take over -- and that part of the brain do not care for such mundane things as money, it just needs more. Of everything.)

      And would you know, I had my eyes set on a shop that had a few colours of coin pearls I liked -- but I waited to order for so long that one of the colours I planned to mix the blackberry pearls with got out of stock. So now I have to make new plans: skip that colour, wait for it to be restocked or look for another shop?


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