Monday, 25 November 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

This is a common sight around the farm, Jisse and Knatti sitting by the bushes on on the lawn waiting. Especially Jisse often sits by the driveway, waiting for us to open the door. But being a cat, opening the door doesn't mean he comes running indoors right away even if he wants to get in. No, more often than not you have to coax him a bit. With Mimi, you have to call her name or she won't come. With Jisse it's usually more complicated and involve having to go to him, let him approach you and then you go indoors together. Sounds easier than it is this time of year when it's pitch black by six. I often miss him and sometimes it's just by chance that I happen to catch a quick light reflection in his eyes or see a blurry spot of white that is his white neck.

Now, I'm not stupid. I know it's partially because Figge bullies him. Figge is more mean to Jisse than to anyone else, not even Knatti (who's a year older) or his triplet brother Julle are as bullied as he is. Jisse is simply scared than he'll expose himself running between the safe spot that's the bushes and the safe spot that's indoors -- and he has a blind spot sitting there as he can't see if Figge is in the yard (where the cats often are, under or on top of the car). But he does seem to be partially fuzzy too, needing to be recognized just like Mimi. Need someone to ask him if he wants to come in.

One good thing about it is that at least you don't accidentally close the door while they try to dart in. Mimi is very wary of going through the door since she was pinched in the door. More than once. And earlier this year, Jisse's sister Jinja had her tail caught in the door as a sudden wind caused a draft slamming the door shut too fast for her to react. Haven't seen a cat panic as she did then! Poor girl... (But the tail was ok, luckily. Nothing broken or crushed.)

Sometimes doors seems to be the arch enemies of our kitties. They'll be so happy once it's spring again and warm enough to open their window again. Not only because they can go in and out as it please them, but also because they don't have to worry about being caught in that malicious door.

Now there's a cat that can't wait for the window to be opened again. Not because he's hurt himself in the door, but because he's one of those cats that can't decide whether he wants to be indoors or outside when someone opens the door for him...


  1. I guess the cats will miss their climbing tree too. Milka


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