Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lockets -- what to put inside them?

My Hong Kong bead mail (mentioned yesterday) also included a few lockets I fancied. For some reason I ended up not buying one with a cat on!

Unlike yesterday's components I have an idea for at least one of these. One I'm thinking of giving away to someone for christmas so that just leaves one piece to figure out what to do with. It will, however, probably take a little time to finish the first locket as I don't have the supplies needed.

I've seen lockets with embroidered inserts (e.g. Mr. Puffy's Knitting Blog, Wild Olive, Crafty & Devious, The Secret Rose, Stella) so maybe I'll try that, seeing how it combines two of my interests, embroidery and jewellery. Maybe bead embroidery or that'll be too much? For me, lockets can have one of three functions: "practical" (like perfume lockets, some also do lip gloss or lipstick lockets), personal (photo, memento) or pure aesthetics, which preferable has an element of surprise or at least secrecy. These I'm using in the third way and therefore I want to balance the outside and the inside. These lockets aren't blank or discreetly engraved in which case you can combine it with a big, colourful inside. Here, it's a question about whether the outside or the inside is the main feature and about how to balance the two.

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but without a memento or solid perfume inside, they're already like a finished pendant to which I'm to add stuff -- and I want that stuff to work with the image on the front. Otherwise I might just as well keep them like this, without anything inside and without a reason to ever open the locket.


PS! I just updated the blog with a Locket label. So far I've only ever made two locket necklaces, the perfume locket Viola Odorata and the heart locket In Memoriam with cat pics and hand-painted cat beads, but now they're all collected under one label and hopefully I'll fill it with more stuff in the (near) future.

PPS! I did find some autumn leaves (see previous post), which are drying at the moment and hopefully will hold their colour. And it gave an idea about making pendants annually using the autumn leaves or other objects found during the season and a small piece or scroll of paper with the year on it put inside too. Or perhaps even make a pendant for every season, year after year (ok, wow, that's be an interesting and ambitious project -- which sadly sounds like something you might forget or get bored of after a while).

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  1. Sweet pendants. What a good idea to make pendants for every season. At least once. The 2014 Pendants? Milka


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