Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cat photo of the week

I haven't done a Meowy Monday in a while, had planned to do a post yesterday but forgot about it. Today I only have this one cat photo to show, one of those taken at night with a flash showing off the horrible mess of colours that are usually my bedding as I try to find something cheap to put on top so it's ok if the cats go straight from the outdoors up in the bed, wet and dirty.

If you don't recognize them that's Jisse sleeping more or less on his brother Julle.


  1. Don't worry, your cats cannot see the riot of colours. For them everything is somewhat grey. Milka

    1. Good for them! :-) It's probably more a problem for me than them, it's about my feeling embarrassed to show people how bad my bedroom looks... The fleece plaid was dirty too, though you can't see it that well after a so-so round of photo editing.


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