Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bell jar jewellery

 Some time ago, probaly close to two months by now, my sis and I ordered a few pendants and rings after getting somewhat fascinated by the bell jar/cloche jewellery component you can find from many of the chinese bead suppliers on DaWanda och Etsy now. They're not that new, but I've seen more variations now than say last year (when seeing many Eiffel tower snowglob rings and bead-filled globe pendants).

Do regret buying such a big pendant as the one on the right. Normally I can read sizes pretty well, but this one turned out to feel huge once in my hands so now I kind of wish I'd gone with one of the smaller sizes. The large bell jar pendant (seen without the bail at the top) is also very big for my taste, about 35 mm tall, but with those there were only one size to choose from. The ring is the daintiest size glass dome rings I saw and it's very cute. Not much room for stuff in it, but still enough.

So what am I going to do with them? You know, I don't have the faintest idea. Just knew I wanted a few to play with. One idea is to find some autumn leaves to dry, but it's a bit too late now unfortunately. My sis sowed some jätteeternell (strawflower, golden everlasting, Xerochrysum bracteatum syn. Bracteantha bracteata) for drying. Might steal one of her flowers. I like the moss pendants too so I might try something like that, a tiny landscape with moss and mushroom. Not a real one. As for snowglobes, that nothing I've even considered doing but perhaps it'll sound like a good idea closer to christmas.

If you haven't seen much of this type of jewellery yet, you can get a few ideas e.g. from this seller (not the one I used, but one I've been checking out). There are other examples of the many things you can put under the glass domes: moss and mushroom mini terrarium, Eiffel tower snow globe, dried flowers, bead- or glitter-filled globes, miniature birds and rubber ducks. Other things I've seen put in these types of pendants are polyclay mini cupcakes, dandelion seeds, mini rabbits, fake flowers, key and cogs, sand -- even a small skull. Just to name some of the ones I've seen on DaWanda.

 So not something that it's hard to find inspiration or examples of, but so far I still doesn't have any plans for any of the pieces I bought. Except for the leaves idea, got to try and see if there are any good leaves left outdoors to harvest for a pendant...


  1. If the pendants are too big, the obvious solution is to use them as small decorative elements in your bedroom or bathroon. They are really pretty.

    1. Good idea! And now that you mention it, maybe the big one could be used for a mini christmas ornament (when or if I get into the christmas spirit).

      They look a tad boring like this, all empty and pale (there's a reason the sellers often show pics of them with stuff inside for inspiration), but they do have lots of potential and I hope to be able to share some finished pieces with you all soon.

  2. I hope you'll get into the Xmas spirit. Of course there will be ups and downs, a lot of memories. My Dad died in November. I was afraid of Xmas. But it turned out to be a very special holiday, in the good sense of the word.

  3. Where can I buy these type ring?

    1. Mine comes from http://en.dawanda.com/shop/findingsupplies/2152782-Glass-Globe-Bottle-Set (I believe she also has an etsy shop)

      But there are several other sellers on DaWanda and Etsy that sell the same or similar items if you want to shop around.


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