Saturday, 23 January 2010

Topaz glacier blue rivoli

I first read about Topaz Glacier Blue, a custom coating on a topaz Swarovski crystal, at E. H. Ashley some time ago. Knowing how hard it is to capture surface effects on crystals on photo, I was very curious to see it IRL. Was it as interesting as it looked online? Or was I just attracted by the name? I'm not a big fan of AB coatings so my biggest fear was that it would be something similar in appearance.

Now I actually have a topaz glacier blue rivoli in my hand so what's the verdict? I like it, I really like it. The effect is mostly a pinkish lavendar -- not something I myself would've thought of mixing with topaz tones (which aren't really as dark as in my photo above). But it works. So now I just wonder why I had to be so cheap and just buy a small rivoli?

PS! If you have trouble finding a source for the rivolis I've shown, check out Creanon. You can find this rivoli, along with the peacock coated one I've written about here and my Preciosa Alchemy in that German webshop.


  1. where do you purchase you rivoli's? i have been hunting for flat back rivoli with zero luck so far!


    1. Have e-mailed you.

      [note to myself]

  2. I love all the rivoli you posted.Where do you purchase all this rivolis?

    1. Yes, they're gorgeous aren't they? I tend to buy rivolis from all over the place, hunting down special coatings etc. A few places where I've got many of my rivolis are: (Germany; shop in German only) (France) (UK) (US) (Sweden) (US)

      and also (US).

      Hope that can be of some help to you. Of the shops mentioned, Creanon and Robin's Beads have both Swarovski and Preciosa rivolis.


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