Sunday, 18 April 2010

Why rivolis?

I'm not much for sparkle and bling, but still I've taken rivolis to my heart. So why is that?

I think the major reason for my recently (slowly) growing rivoli stash is my love of colours. Crystals can be found in a variety of colours and finishes. Up until now, getting my hands on all of these colours have meant buying bicone beads (the cheapest shape). But I don't always end up using them. Then I discovered rivolis -- or, rather, I discovered that they were great samplers. Rivolis are, compared with other cut crystal stones, cheap and buying a stone instead of a batch bicones felt like a good alternative. I still get to admire that gorgeous nuance or finish I fell for, but without having an ever-growing stash of unused beads that take up space.

Also, the size meant I got "more" of the colour/finish in one rivoli compared to a dozen beads. Add to that the fact that some finishes not look as good on beads as they do on pendants and stones with defined "fronts" and "backs" (just compare the beads and pendant in this pic of crystal heliotrope).

A second reason is probably the fact I find these stones so versatile, they can be set in many different ways, using beads, wire or pre-made settings. The pointed back is a bit of a challenge at first, if being used to working with cabochons, but on the other hand, it is an important part of the cut, adding depth and enhancing the sparkle.

As I said I'm not a big fan of really sparkly jewellery. Or, well, I can appreciate a sparkling piece of jewellery -- it's just not my style to make or wear. I prefer more sublte sparkles and shimmers. Like dewdrops. Not surprisingly I love charlottes -- and prefer fire-polished beads to crystals.

With rivolis I can "concentrate" that sparkle to one point, which is so much more my style. I think it enhances the sparkle and make the stone look so clear and fresh.

To conclude: with rivolis I can get a gorgeous sampler and a concentration of colour I don't really find in beads. They give me many design possibilities and suit my style. When I first saw rivolis I didn't really fall for them, didn't really get why so many magazine projects used them. Then I got my hands on one...

OK, do you want one last rivoli pic? What about a slightly odd one: 18 mm custom coated Swarovski stone in a finish called peacock.

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