Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 47-48

It's time for a new recap of my writings on Manekis Pärlblogg. Contests and challenges, swaps, embroidery techniques, bead knitting and more. Of cause one of the hightlights was when I mention Wendi Gratz' embroidery kits as they included the super cute kitties you can see above. Aren't they just so adorable? Be sure to visit her blog for more info on those!

As usual: the blog is written in Swedish, but you can use Google Traslate to translate the texts (available if you click the "share" button under each post). Most of the links are to websites and instructions in English.

Thread spool jewellery
How to make jewellery from wooden spools (vintage ones with thread or new ones without). And a few other tips like how to use them for a jewellery display/storage.

Beading on tulle
How to embroider bead (and sequins, sew-on stones etc) on tulle. Several of the links focus on bridal veils, but the tips are universal.

Bead Dreams 2012
Last date to enter Bead & Button's big international juried contest is March 6 2012.

Fire Mountain Gems Jewelry-Making Contests
The Metal Clay, Metal Beads, Wirework and Chain contest accepts entries through Jan 30 2012.

International Bead Awards
If you plan on entering this 2nd annual juried contest by Perlen Poesie magazine you need to hurry. Deadline is New Year's Eve, Dec 31 2011.

Perlen Poesie
Perlen Poesie is a fab German bead magazine, worth "reading" even if you don't speak the language. Now it will get easier though, as transcripts in English will be available. For free. Right now you can download a translation of issue 10.

Bead Journal Project 2012
If you want to join the BJP next year, you have until Dec 10 to register. In this year-long challenge, created by Robin Atkins, you will create monthly journal pages in your choice of bead techniques (as well as your choice of size and shape).

Christmas bauble swap
Sign-ups are alread closed for this Swedish swap -- same thing with the christmas ornament swap hosted by Mönsterarkivet, which I wrote about earlier.

Multi-ribbon bracelets
This ribbon tutorial makes me think of Christmas. In any way, it can be a fun thing for kids and adults who have some leftover ribbons and trimmings.

Coloured pencil-inlayed wooden pendants
How to inlay coloured pencils in wood. Plus a link to an older post on how to make jewellery from coloured pencils. Note: this technique is for round pencils, not hexagonal.

Bead embroidery for iPhone?
No one interested in crafts can have missed the cross-stitched iPhone cases, some available as DIY kits. Why not try to add some beads? (Without making the beads too clumsy or prone to snagging.) There are also bead- and beadembroidery-related cases available online for those not interesing in beading their phone, but still like to show what they like.

Bead knitting
How to bead knit, using different techniques. Link to previous posts on machine knitting with beads and how to hand-spin beaded yarn.

Embroider cute pendants
Wendi Gratz have designed several sets of small embroideries, perfect for pendants or ornaments. You can buy either a full pendant kit or just the patterns, which includes cats (se above), dogs, Christmas baubles, peoples, geometric patterns and flowers.

"Mixed metal" blanks
If you like the look of silver and copper together, the new single clad blanks from Beaducation might be for you. These copper blanks are silver-filled -- but just on one side, resulting in one silver-clad side and one copper side. Both can be stamped.

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