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Bead blog recap weeks 49-50


Yes, I forgot the recap (= last two weeks of posts on my other blog, Manekis Pärlblogg) and then I thought it was better to wait until Christmas as I'll be publishing a "christmas gift" on it on the 24th. But then again, I will be publishing that on this blog too so I might as well do the recap today. Hope you find something you like there.

This time you can find everything from faux geodes and candy necklaces to tutorials on fishskin tanning and december challenges.

Merry christmas and a happy new year
I'm done blogging for the year, taking my usual time of during the holidays.

Polymer clay geodes
How to imitate geode slices in polymer clay.

Stalactite flowers
Stalactite flowers are slices of round, crystallized stalactites that look like abstract flowers.

Cord-covered neckrings
Cover your neckrings or beading wire for a necklace with a soft touch. Use store-bought cording or make  your own.

Viscose gimp
Viscose/rayon gimp is a thead that's made up of a core with viscose fibre spun around it. These cords are often hand-dyed in mixed colours. Not least used in modern embroidery, they are also perfect for jewellery.

DIY candy necklaces
How to make your own candy jewellery using wrapped sweets, gumballs, donut-shaped candy and more. Some of the tutorials are for more sophisticated necklaces that would look good on a grown-up as well as on a kid, actually.

Bubble wrap jewellery
Sherri and Michelle Haab show you how to iron bubble wrap (yes, you may pop it first), turning it into jewellery components.

Olga has a tutorial for a special kind of leatherwork using nothing but leather and glue. (Tutorial in English available via her Etsy store.)

Crystal stones set in leather
Swarovski shows you how to create a stone setting using leather and beads. Projects include a ring and a necklace.

Color of the Year 2012
Pantone has announced their colour of the year 2012: red-orange Tangerine Tango. Also includes links to colour trend reports by Pantone as well as bead manufacturers and jewellery supply stores.

For the kids: Faux glass bangles
Created the look of jewel-tone glass using plastic tubing, colourful yarn and some oil. Also links to another great bracelet project for kids including plastic tubing.

Ring tops
Ring tops are cast designs attached to ring blanks, some of which can be embellished in different ways. There's also a few tips on other things you can use as ring tops (e.g. metal shank buttons).

How to tan fish skin
Fish leather can be used in jewellery just as other types of leather -- and tanning some at home doesn't have to be that hard, even if you live in the middle of the city. Instructions for two methods: use either bark or urine -- the latter not as unhygenic as it might sound at first.

How to bead mistletoes for jewellery and home décor. Tips to avoid kids or pets accidentally eating mistletoe berries: remove the berries on real mistletoe and attach beads instead.

Plexiglas jewellery contest
Swedish bead and jewellery community Inspira has announced a new contest, focusing on plexiglas/perspex/acrylic jewellery components. First prize is acrylic jewellery components in your own, personal design.

December challenges
Design challenges from Art Bead Scene, Beads Direct (their last challenge), B'Sue Boutiques, Nätverket Inspira, Operation Tackle That Bead Stash, Stitch 'n' Craft and Vintaj. Note that a couple of the other blogs that usually have monthly challenges are either taking a break this month or focusing on voting on designer of the year from winners of the previous challenges this year.

*Photo: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons*

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