Monday, 19 December 2011

Dreaming of dragons


Here's another on of my "digital doodles". Initially, the idea was to make some sort of christmas greeting, but it kind of turned into a dark dragon image instead... I guess there might be a reason for that: love dragons, there's a couple among the stickers available at Picnik -- and I'm re-reading some of the fantasy books in my bookshelf (as a substitute to buying something new). No dragons in them, but magic and dragons are like personifications of magic and non-realistic fiction. And apparently the dragon stickers were more inspirational than the Christmas stickers -- and not having PSE anymore, I can't work with layers upon layers of my own images, am limited to using what's available at Picnik. The free version of Picnik even; I don't have access to any premium features.

I'll get back to my reading, there's a little something about it I'd like to share, but not today. Today all you get is a black dragon against a blood red sky. No jewellery, no beads -- not even any embroidery floss (eventhough I got a whole bunch from Mollie, having won them in a giveaway at her blog, Wild Olive. There'll be another dragon tomorrow. More low-key and more in line with the things I'm contemplating, re-reading Moonlight and vines. Not my favourite author, I'm afraid, but de Lint did strike a chord with me yesterday.

Well, anyway, maybe this can still become a Christmas card? For dragon lovers, presumably. Just write an appropriate holiday greeting instead of (the barely legible) Dreaming of dragons. I'm listening to the christmas channel on Sveriges Radio's web radio so maybe that can get me in the mood to make a christmas dragon "card". Surely there must be christmas dragons?


  1. Awesome :) I personally would love a dragon Christmas card lol but then my christmas decorations are full of skulls, so....I'm weird that way ;) :D

    If you need a good program try its free and I can use it's layering feature where as I still haven't figured out how to do it in psp >.< lol

  2. Thank you!

    I've heard about Gimp, but never really taken the time tocheck it out. Maybe it'd be worth doing it, then. Really miss not having photo editing software wher you can work with layers...


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