Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve

new year's eve007

A couple of years ago, I began a new tradition: to photograph my surroundings on the afternoon of every December 31st. In 2009 it looked like this (with the big, pink moon rising on the lavender blue sky) and last year -- which was a very white winter -- it looked like this. Today the weather was as it often is on new year's eve around here: foggy. Last night the sky was clear and starry, but tonight when everybody -- more or less -- want to see the fireworks, it's of cause foggy. Foggy and frosty -- which means you can get some nice photos:

new year's eve006

new year's eve005

new year's eve002

Because of the fog, I didn't go for a long walk. Just around the garden and then up on the hill.

new year's eve010

(Above picture might give you an idea of how thick the fog were at times. The colours makes it look like it's about to snow -- or, had it been summer, a thunder storm about to come -- but that's not the case. Pretty realistic colours, but different from the rest in many ways.)

new year's eve013

new year's eve001

new year's eve008

new year's eve016

...and then there were some photos with a bit more colour than the ones above:

new year's eve011

new year's eve009

new year's eve012

new year's eve015

new year's eve014

Happy New Year!

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