Friday, 30 December 2011

Working with stick pearls...

I bought these biwa pearls -- or, more correctly, stick pearls -- ages ago. They were on sale and I liked both the colours and the shape. Very autumnal, which is something I'm drawn to and often find inspirational. But, alas, so far I've not even used one pearl on that strand. Especially silly considering I've even written this post on stick pearl jewellery projects to inspire others...

Maybe I should just pick out twelve of the most challenging -- and perhaps most forgotten -- "old" beads or other components/supplies in my stash and label them each with a month, from january to december. Sometime during the course of each month I have to use the strand/bag/hank/spool/box -- all of it or some of it -- labelled with the month in question. Or perhaps pick out 24 things and combine them two and two as a monthly variation of a muffin tin challenge [but with the notion that I can add other things freely to the two items assigned to each month]?

Yes, perhaps I should do that. It's a shame, really, to just have these lovely pearls tucked away, collecting dust in a bead tray, when they could make fab jewellery. I know it's not the first time I talk about challenging myself this way, but then forgetting about it.* Perhaps New Year will be a good deadline for actually comitting to such a challenge once and for all?

* = Doesn't apply to the Tangeringe Tango "challenge" -- I've at least one WIP for that one right now and have selected beads and fibre for some more. Including an idea for this gimp cord.


  1. I think they'd look amazing done in a wire wrap design using copper wire. Maybe mix in some Swarovski? Love that color!

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I just found some centre-drilled keshis in the same/similar colour too. No ideas for a design has popped into my head yet, but I've at least put the pearls on my table so I don't forget about them again. ;-)

  3. I have seen flowers made out of stick pearls in Japan. The pearls are the petals.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I still haven't got around to using them yet so there's pearls enough for a flower or two. Will have to think about that.


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