Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WIP: fuzzy bracelet

I made this bracelet last night. Had no plan, just twisted the "ribbon", but kind of liked the result. Right now I'm sitting here thinking whether I should add some beads, charms, fibre or anything else to it before finishing it with a button closure. Thinking of it as a stackable bracelet, intended to be worn together with a couple of other bracelets, and if so, I guess it doesn't need as much embellishment as if worn alone.

Have to think about it while picking out a suitable button for the clasp. Anyone else got any ideas or suggestions?


  1. hmmm could wind a strand of blue around the grooves to match the bits of fuzz. Maybe a string of seed beads to add a bit of sparkle to the fuzzy? but if you mean it for a stackable, I'd just see how it looks as is with a couple more bracelets then decide. :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I do something along that line: first add the clasp and just see how it looks worn together with a few more bracelets and then decide how to proceed.


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