Tuesday, 20 December 2011

First snow

Yes, I know I said there was going to be more dragons today, but then I woke up today and it was snowing. That means the dagons have to wait.

Now, it has snowed one night before this, but that melted before dawn and while there were a few snowflakes in the air a few days ago, they never made it all the way to the ground. So this is officially the first snowy day of the winter -- and to make it even better it was the day I introduced the kittens to snow. They did have a lot of fun two weeks ago when there was a massive hail shower in the morning so they have already experienced playing in white, frozen water. But this was their first time playing in snow.

Julle had already seen the snow from my bedroom window. Later, when I was getting up, I grabbed Jisse (who was sleeping in my bed) and put him in the window, pointing at the snow. He didn't seem that interest at first, but when I returned him to bed, he suddenly made a big jump from bed to window -- seems like snow actually was more exciting than he let on. I regret not having the camera with me when I first opened the door for the kittens. They all sat there on the threshold, in a row, just looking at the snow.

Three kittens, three reactions. Julle loved it, ran out and began digging and pushing the snow, jumped in it and ran around. Jisse came next, but was as excited as Julle. Still thought snow was a fun thing, though, and began playing with Julle. But the little girl, Jinja, she remained by my side in the doorway, looked up at me, whimpered loudly and then looked at the boys, the snow and the stone by the door. They often sit on that stone when going in and out, not least Jinja. But this time she shouldn't jump up on it because it was covered in cold, wet snow. Yuck!

Well, after a while she did overcome her scepticism. Not as fond of it as the boys, but it was ok at least. And when we began throwing snow balls, well, then even she found snow to be fun. Still, sleet is wet and cold so she preferred not being out as long as the boys.

As for the adult cats, they were pretty much indifferent. No surprise there. Though, on a sunnier, less wet day I do think at least some of them will turn into kittens again as we have our little snowball "fights".

I did take some photos of the surroundings too. I'm afraid those pics are rather crappy too: there's been no sunshine today and all photos came out dark and noisy. Oh, well, better luck next time. It's not like it only snows one day a winter, not even down here.

It was a couple of degrees above zero so it was more sleet than snow really. I'm not sure how long it'll last as the weather will get warmer at the end of the week. It doesn't excatly look like we're going to have a white christmas, but then again, we rarely have those here in Skåne.

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