Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bead blog recap weeks 34-35

Since Manekis pärlblogg is back on the usual schedule again it means the biweekly summaries of what I write over there are back too. I started off the "autumn term" with everything from cute bead-embroidered dolls (don't miss those!), beaded brollies and painted rhinestone jewellery to french schools, odd jewellery supplies and jewellery-creating larvae.

There's a few contest tips too (as a heads up, there'll be the monthly design challenge summary and -- hopefully -- a giveaway next week so pop over so you don't miss a deadline between my posting there and doing a recap here).

Also, I've done a few design changes so if you haven't been over to my other blog in some time, you're welcome to take a look and give some feedback on the changes. More about that below.

Bead-edged umbrella
Make the umbrella more fun with a bead fringe.

Coppered surface on metal
"Copper plate" your silver, brass, gold etc for a nice patina or to act as a "patina primer", making the patination easier.

Bead Barmy beading contest
Create something with Beadalon beading wire to win goodies from this UK bead shop.

Book review: One Bead at a Time
Review of Robin Atkins' book, which can be downloaded for free from her website.

Mill Hill bead sizes
What does petite beads and pebbles really mean in n/0 sizes? Learn more about Mill Hill's bead names and sizes here.

Wild Things Beads plans new bead tours
American bead shop Wild Things Beads plan new bead tours in the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

Extended deadline for SoftFlex contest
Flex Your Creativity Contest has a new deadline,  Oct 1st.

Guess the mystery jewellery component
Every Friday, Michelle L. shows a jewellery pieces made using an odd or unusual material and it's up to you to guess what it is.

Ecole Lesage Paris
In Paris, you can learn couture bead embroidery at the wold-renowned Ecole Lesage.

L'Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels have opened a jewellery school where you can learn more about fine jewellery creation in practical and theoretical classes.

Bead Dreams 2013
Time to get started on those entries for next year's competition.

Jewellery made by caddis larvae
Yes, that's right made by, not made from/with. They make jewellery from gold and gems.

Project Accessory on Swedish TV
Project Runway spin-off Project Acessory can now be seen on TV3 in Sweden.

Hand painted rhinestone jewellery
Do a colourful jewellery makeover by painting you rhinestone chains and jewellery.

Cute and colourful bead-embroidered dolls
Free tute for making the cutes little felt girls with fluorescent big hair.

Monthly bead palette
The fourth and last august bead mix.

Supplies from the kitchen cabinet
Many of the edible products in your cabinets and fridges can be used in jewellery making. From egg oxidizing and vinegar crips/chips patina to cola pickle and mustard resist to herbal polymer clay inclusions and sugar cube dissolving molds.

Still current posts
Round-up of posts made during the summer break and, before that, spring, which are still current. (E.g. Pantone colour forecasts and contests.)

New design -- good or bad?
I've done a few changes on the blog, e.g. changed the header and moved the information for beginners. Do feel free to let me know if you love, hate or feel indifferent about the changes.

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