Monday, 17 September 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

When I began doing the Meowy Mondays just a few weeks ago, I felt like some cats had a tendency to get more attention than others on this blog and I wanted to make sure they were all equally bragged about. Cats like Snuttis and Julle. Of cause, now it feels like I want to show as many pics of her as possible (though, being just a few months old I have a limited supply of Snuttis photos). She's still missing. Haven't found her, not alive nor dead. So while it feels futile, there's still a shard of hope that she's alive somewhere. Odds might be against it, but you have to keep hoping.

So it's Snuttis photos again. This time with other cats too as I don't have many more good portrait photos left to show.

Above is one messy photo of Jinja, Ullegull and Snuttis (behind the stool, just might see a glimpse of Vitfluff too). In the morning, Jinja had found this spot of sun by my bed and soon the kittens wanted some of the sun too. Though they were more interested in playing than in sunbathing at times. (The strange shadow on Jinja's hind paw is from two suspended plushy toys, by the way. Hung them up for Jinja, Julle and Jisse when they were kittens.)

This is another photo from the play session in the grass that you've seen pics from in the previous weeks. I like her tail. She's sitting there very focused, observing Vitfluff who got abandoned on the lawn when the other kittens ran off. Ullegull has found Jinja and is preparing an attack.

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  1. I hope she is alive. There are so many strays out there, they just get lost. And many of them find a new home. Are there any animal shelters where you could ask? Hugs!


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