Monday, 3 September 2012

September bead soup palette

The bead palette of the month is an analogous mix of muted pinks and purples, pefect for elegant, sophisticatad jewellery. The bead choice -- Swarovski crystals and pearls -- add to the sense of luxury.

Satin is a perfect finish for those who prefer toned colours and that special vintage feel. Satin is a haematite grey finish and therefore it's not surprising that dark greys go well together with this mix -- as beads or as findings (e.g. gunmetal or oxidized clasp). If you want to add seeds, on tip could be to look for colour-lined black diamond/transparent grey, e.g. magenta-lined black diamond.

If the mix is too dark for you or you just want to add another colour, one option could be to add "antiqued gold"/brass ox and beige tones. Other options include muted earthy greens like olive and sage or a muted blue like montana or denim.

Below is an example using an "antique gold" toggle clasp and sand-lined crystal hex cuts.


  1. Love the muted colour mix. I could even think of trying brass ox findings instead of my usual Sterling silver ones. After all, there is a vintage feel to this palette, softly enhanced by the lovely satin finish. Brass ox is a matching colour choice and there are wonderful vintage findings in this metal. love pinks and purples and have a lot of them in my stash. Milka

    1. Thank you!

      The colour of the findings we use can make such a difference. I once planned on doing a post were I used the same beads but changed the colour of the metal findings (gold, silver, gunmetal, copper, brass ox etc). There'd be a few different sets of beads, focusing on one colour in each (e.g. padparadscha, montana blue, black, olive green, amethyst -- colours that can work with all the metals mentioned). Maybe time to revive that idea?


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