Monday, 24 September 2012

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

I've spent the day baking and preparing some frozen yoghurt and fudgsicle (fudgsicle is not something you can buy here, but after seeing american recipes for in on Pinterest, I was inspired to do some using a chocolate cream/pudding recipe intended as topping on kladdkakemuffins, gooey chocolate cupcakes) so it'll only be one little cat photo today.

It's hard to pick out photos to show. Partially because I have so many and not all of them are sorted into the right folder, partially because some cats have a tendency to show up more often than others and I want to brag about all our cats. Another reason right now is that I haven't taken many pics since Snuttis disappeared...

This time I ended up with a photo of Jisse, taken in the garden earlier this summer.  (The cats often jump up on that pedestal when they want some attention when we are photographing flowers.) Not my best pic of Jisse, but nice enough to post I guess.

Must get some photos of some of the other cats too, like Mini, Figge and Knatti. They don't follow us around the same way e.g. Jisse and Julle does so I don't get as many opportunities to take photos of them when being out on "photo walks".

PS! On e-mail messages
I know I have some e-mail to reply to, but I've felt a bit under the weather and have procrastinated forever it feels like. Replying to e-mails is just one of those things I keep pushing ahead of me all the time when I'm not in the best of moods and then suddenly it becomes this massive obstacle that's hard to tackle and then I feel guilty about not replying in a timely manner. I sit down in front of the computer, log on to gmail -- and it's like all my energy is drained. Doing things that doesn't require any thinking, such as pinning and reading blogs is fine for some odd reason, it's just the writing that's the problem. Right now I just feel a bit tired (ironic considering how I did manage to get my butt out of the computer chair and bake all afternoon), but I hope to be to get my act together and sit down tomorrow and really go through all messages that need a reply. So if you're one of those waiting to hear from me: this is the reason I've not been in touch yet and I hope you'll bare with me just a little bit longer. Sorry to have you waiting, perhaps not even being sure whether I've gotten the message or not.


  1. Hi Jisse! You are so cute!

  2. Love those white socks and mittens. You have such interesting decorations in your garden, like this sundial with Atlas and the lovely windmill. No doubt the kitties share your taste for romantic things.,Milka

    1. Yeah, we've amassed an ecclectic number of garden decorations over the years. The windmill was a birthday present to dad and the sundial I believe we got from grandma (on my mother's side) after grandpa died and she sold the farm, moving in to an apartment. What it stands on is actually more interesting: it's a small mill stone my paternal grandfather found in the nearby bog. It's said that there once was a small water-powered mill, a so called skvaltkvarn.

      (We've got other stuff in the garden too, like rusty milk buckets -- and a milk bucket wheelbarrow to go with it -- and some sort of milk container with tap, now used to collect rain water. Apart from things given to my parents, there's all kinds of things left indoors and outdoors since our farm was actually used as one. That's also why we e.g. have a room full of barbed wire.)


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