Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Old DIY jewellery and accessories article

I actually wrote about this magazine page in my other blog back in 2008, but thought it'd be fun to show it again now that I found it while looking for some other photos. It's a really big scan so if you want to read the text -- which is in Swedish -- or view the jewellery and accessory projects up close, you can just click on it.

I found this page in a crochet book I "took over" after my grandma or oldest aunt. Both dies years before I was born (one of age, one of stomach cancer) and left many things behind in my dad's possession.  The reason this page from an old women's magazine was folded and put in the book was that the other side, page 40, features patterns for a cat and teddy bear knitted in fuzzy yarn. It's also the cat pattern that made me save the torn out page.

Then, in 2008, I got the idea to unfold the paper and see what was on the back. I knew there was something, but didn't remember what. It turned out to be instructions for easy-to-make DIY accessories, or "decorations for the young ladies" as the headline reads. The necklaces and belts are made from such everday objects as bast/raffia, vent chain, curtain rings, glass or wooden beads and wire, while the gloves and purse are beaded with glass and steel beads. Also notice the bead dangles, taken from a crystal chandelier, on the raffia-wrapped metal belt.

A fun glimpse of DIY jewellery articles back in... well, I have no idea what decade or year it might be. Don't even know which magazine featured this. Anyone got any ideas?


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  2. OMG! Look at that waist! Must be from the late 50's or the early 60's. Before the pantyhose, the mini and the modern underwear. The jewellery and the other things are rather timeless DIY stuff. When I look at the waist I understand why most of those wonderful vintage dresses are so small.

  3. Wonder if your article doesn't date from the late 60's (maybe early 70's)--very Audrey Hepburn-ish style hair & dress & I'm old enough to remember that popular circular style in necklace/belts. LOL-I also have the Egyption jewelery book, probably when originally published. Tried to replicate a couple pieces without satisfaction, but ought to dig it out & retry given all the materials available now.


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