Thursday, 6 September 2012

Night roses

Night roses

Just a pic of a rose photo I created yesterday. The original photo was taken while the sun was beginning to set, shedding a warm saturated glow on the light pink mini roses.

The photo was edited using PicMonkey where I added two textures of my own (photos of sheer fabric curtain and tulle lampshade respectively) -- partially to hide that the flowers had a few brown spots and other flaws. It's pretty dark, especially in this smaller size, but I hope it's not too dark.

At first I wanted to add a frame, but decided against it. Didn't even add rounded corners. Perhaps I'll add a frame in a future version, though. It's also just slightly cropped, but after uploading the pic on Flickr, I looked at the 150x150 pixel thumbnail generated by Flickr and kind of liked it that way too. So maybe I should take the original photo and create a second, cropped version too?

Night roses

These tiny roses are planted in the perfect spot so that when sun sets in the summer and it's not too cloudy, the roses bathe in a warm light for hours. Some of my favourite rose photos are of these little rosebushes and while the dainty and sweet roses in themselves photograph well, it's mostly due to the lovely light.

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